The City of Surrey in collaboration with the BC and Canadian governments would invite the countries of South Asia, as well as countries representing the other diaspora communities and cultures in Surrey to establish exhibits and pavilions at Sundar – World Exposition of South Asia and the Cultures of Surrey. 

Sundar will promote peace, goodwill, and cross-cultural understanding and will showcase to the world that the diverse people of Surrey can come together as one in common unity and solidarity.

This event will bring South Asia and the world to Surrey.  It will be a truly international event that hasn’t been done before in this format anywhere to our knowledge at-least in North America.


  • This proposal has been endorsed by Ravi Kahlon who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Sport and Multiculturalism in the BC Government of Premier John Horgan.  Ravi stated on OMNI News that “he hopes the City of Surrey supports the plan and he is looking forward to review final proposals.”
  • This proposal was endorsed by Anita Huberman who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Surrey Board of Trade.
  • This proposal was endorsed by Ken Dhillon who is the President of the South Asian Business Association.

OMNI News did a feature television interview on this Expo with Project Developers Alex Sangha and Upkar Tatlay. The video is approaching an amazing 7,000 views and is in English and Punjabi.

Go to “OMNI Punjabi” Facebook Page and search for “South Asian Expo,” or go to the “Sundar Expo” Facebook Page and the video is pinned to the top of the page.


  • Sundar is a common word for “beautiful” in Sanskrit.  This is a tentative name for the Expo. 
  • To build bridges and peace and harmony between various peoples, cultures, languages, and faiths through the free expression of art and culture.
  • To promote equality, diversity, freedom of artistic expression, and social impact through peaceful and progressive means.
  • To encourage creation, collaboration, connection, community, and celebration. 


  • Tentative Name of Expo:  SUNDAR – which means “beautiful” in Sanskrit
  • Logo:  Beautiful purple colourful peacock with golden wings
  • Tentative Theme:  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space
  • Location:  Bear Creek Park
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies:  The track at Bear Creek Park can be refurbished into an outdoor stadium
  • Tentative Date:  Summer. Date to be determined
  • Number of Pavilions:  15 to 25 from the countries of South Asia and other diaspora communities in Surrey.
  • Formal Reception Centre:  The Surrey Arts Centre in Bear Creek Park can be expanded and be a formal reception centre for dignitaries, high level politicians, and other guests who need tight security.
  • Transportation:  Shuttle buses can leave from King George Station and Newton Exchange to Bear Creek Park which is very centrally located in Surrey


  1. Increased Economic Activity
  2. Increased Tourism
  3. Positive Global Media Coverage
  4. Focused and Feasible
  5. Unique Cultural and Educational Experience
  6. Promoting Peace and Harmony
  7. Provide a Platform for Local Artists and Trigger the Creation of New Ideas and Innovation
  8. Enjoy International Food, Flavours, Colours, Music, Dance, and Performances
  9. Timely, Relevant, and Unique
  10. Lasting Legacy of New Facilities and New Markets for Canadian Exports